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Welcome to the official site of FAMY!

Contrary to popular belief, La Familia is not a pirate organization as a whole, La Familia is a separatist syndicate organization. Little is known about the organization and the hierarchy, but it is believed that La Familia has three distinct divisions within the organization. A trading section which handles procurement or hauling for guilds or individual contracts. A mining section for the collection of minerals designated by the needs of the trading section, and a Strike Team for the settlement of "disputes" between La Familia members and outsiders or for extortion or pirate campaigns.

Intelligence has indicated the following tags link to the factions within La Familia... [M] Mining---[T] Trading and Procurement---[S] Strike Team.

La Familia is fiercely protective of its members and secretive about its business affairs. La Familia also runs a Black Market for the purchase of exotic and rare weapons and other material needed for crafting. La Familia is a democratic organization where each member has a voice in the overall organization activity, but the main philosophy is an atmosphere of commitment to each member above all else.
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Please contact our Commander or a Luitenant for more advanced information. Footballprophet is our current commander and head of combatant affairs, BlastaMasta is the head of Trident Construction, and Cameran4 is head of trading/mining operations.
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